Prof. Dr. Kamal Zaky Mahmoud Shaeer

President, Council for Future Studies and Risk Management, ASRT, Egypt Professor of Andrology and Reproductive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University

  • -Professor of Andrology and Reproductive Medicine (Reproductive and Sexual Health), Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
  • -State Prize and Medal in Medical Sciences (1984).
  • -Diploma and Master Degree in Islamic Studies, Higher Institute of Islamic Studies - Ministry of Higher Education, Bachelor in Law Sciences - Cairo University.
  • -Founder and Manager of the Council for Future Studies, Cairo University (1997).
  • -Founder and Chairman of the Egyptian Arab Futures Research Association (2003) (EAFRA).
  • -Founder and Chairman of the Council for Futures Studies and Risk Management - Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (2015).
  • -Founder and Chairman of the Cairo Node, the Millennium Project of the American Council - United Nations University (Washington).
  • -Member of the International Society of Future Studies, Coordinator of future studies and research - Information and Decision Support Center , Egyptian Cabinet.

    Futures Studies and Research in Egypt and the Arab Region: Why Ought to Think and How Ought to Implement? - An introduction to Egypt's Futures Research Methodology Version 1.0, 2020, and Egypt's Global Foresight Partnership Achievements